Monday, January 25, 2016

How to Foster Creativity at Your Business

Is there a business out there that doesn't want to be more creative or innovative?  How can you make creativity a way of life?

In the article below that I authored for the Import and Export site, I talk about six ways to tap into a bountiful source of creativity that might be right in front of you.  And, yes, I also cover how to make creativity a way of life.

Read the entire article:  From Chaos to Creativity:  How to Foster Creativity at Your Business

Monday, January 11, 2016

How to Expand Your Business Globally Without Abandoning Your Roots

In the article below, I talk about the importance of growth for a business, how to focus on one or two influential cores within a business and why you shouldn’t go after every hot thing that comes across your desk.

Note:  This article was originally published on the Import and Export site where I serve as an Expert.

Expand Your Business Globally Without Abandoning Your Roots

Monday, January 04, 2016

The More Ads You Do Online, the Less Newsworthy It Becomes

As we surf the Web, we get hit with ad after ad -- whether it be videos that pop up and play automatically or newsletters that force you to sign up before you can continue reading an article.  As one reader of the article featured below comments:  "I stop visiting sites that cross the boundary of reasonable on advertisement, but even the reasonable sites are losing their minds."

What's the future hold for the Web?  Find out but I'll give you a hint:  More ads will migrate from web-dependent publishers to platforms (e.g., Facebook and LinkedIn).  Something to think about strategically for your business in terms of where you put your marketing dollars in 2016.

This Was the Year the Media Started Doubting the Web (via WIRED)