Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Thought Piece: How Strategy Guru C.K. Prahalad Is Changing the Way CEOs Think

Against all logic.

Take a cab ride through Bombay, and these are the scenes that will likely strike you first: raggedly dressed homeless families sprawled on blankets amid shacks. Traffic hopelessly clogged with every manner of soot-belching vehicle and wooden cart. Gaunt hawkers and beggars tapping on your window at red lights. For foreign visitors, such jarring images of poverty and desperation are hard to shake.

View those same streets through the eyes of C.K. Prahalad, however, and they become a beehive of entrepreneurialism and creativity.

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Raghu said...

i have posted a video where ck talked about business innovation


Feel free to comment on it

Laurel Delaney, Facilitator said...

Hi, raghu,

I tried to watch the video on both my Safari and Firefox browsers without any success. Might there be a problem with the link?