Monday, September 14, 2020

17th Annual WPO Chicago Summit 9/10/20 a HUGE Success!

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A big shout out of thanks and gratitude to all the people who worked their tails off for our 17th Annual WPO Chicago Summit that took place Thursday, September 10th from 1:30-6:00PM CT.  Yes, you read that right on the time. Don't ever let people tell you that you can't run a virtual meeting – a 1st for our Summit! – for more than an hour and keep people engaged, enthusiastic and informed.  Our Summit was a HUGE success!

We had more than 50 people participate from all over the world from the Women Presidents'​ Organization and even had the great pleasure of our CEO joining us, Camille Burns.

The theme this year was "Create a Powerful Advisory Board" and our experienced presenters were Barbara Ford, Mary Elworth, Ann S. Deters, Sandy Marsico and Patricia Miller. Thank you all for sharing your experience with us! You guys rock!

Thank you to our Steering Committee members: Margo Jacquot and Ann S. Deters. And to Laura Fairman for her great design work, as always.

Special thanks to the WPO sponsors who attended – can't mention them all but I'll bring in two who spoke briefly: Kathleen Christy CPA, CTFA, CEPA, PNC and Kerri Adams, Financial Wellness Account Executive, Prudential - we appreciate your support.

Finally, thank you to the entire WPO family who signed up for our Summit (you know who you are) because you made our program that much more vibrant and informative. With gratitude ...
(#WPO, #CreateAPowerfulAdvisoryBoard).

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