Monday, February 04, 2013

Book of Interest: The Growth Story

WPO London Chapter Chair Sue Stockdale has a new book out, The Growth Story, published by Book Shaker.  The book aims to inspire men and women alike to build powerful growth-oriented businesses.

The Growth Story covers nine different growth strategies used by women entrepreneurs - from geographic expansion to franchising to acquiring companies.  If you haven't already achieved successful growth for your business, read this book and find your path.

Buy now:  The Growth Story -- also available at Amazon.

And if you plan to attend our WPO 2013 Annual Conference in Dallas this year (May 1-3), Ms. Stockdale will have copies of her book available for sale.

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Sue Stockdale said...

You might like to know that 7 of the 9 businesses are, or have been WPO members and said that peer support is vital to support business growth.

Sue Stockdale

Here are what others are saying about it:

"Packed with inspiration and practical advice about the Number One Question for ambitious women entrepreneurs: how to grow your business successfully".
Mirella Visser, Founder of the Centre for Inclusive Leadership and author of ‘The Female Leadership Paradox’

"Well done, Sue, for providing inspiration to women everywhere by shedding light on the strategies, beliefs and practices that underlie success".
Sharon Vosmek, CEO, Astia

"The Growth Story is an excellent resource of concrete strategies to grow your business, whether you are male or female."
Marsha Firestone, Ph.D. Founder & President, Women Presidents’ Organization

"Sue has effectively captured a wealth of meaningful and relevant management actions that can immediately be applied for your own success. A must read!"
Barbara Mowat, President, Impact Communications Ltd., and GroYourBiz, Canada

"Sue Stockdale once and for all decisively answers the age-old question 'Can entrepreneurship be taught?' With the role models, good and bad experiences, practical hints, structured and professional advice, and inspiring messages all found in this book, 'Yes it can'"
Candace Johnson, Serial entrepreneur - SES, Loral Teleport Europe, Europe Online, VATM, GTWN, Succes Europe