Monday, February 22, 2016

Together Everyone Achieves More

Is it possible for a multimillion-dollar woman business owner to learn something from Taylor Swift (pictured)?  In the article below, the author discusses six things women entrepreneurs can learn from Taylor Swift.

1.  She makes it her own
2.  Always on her A-game
3.  Create a custom experience
4.  Backed by a SQUAD
5.  Collaborate
6.  Haters gonna hate ...
    As for No. 4 -- Backed by a SQUAD:
    Yes, you can go at it alone but that's no fun. At all.  Especially if you own an online business, where you work from home. What we do know is:  Together Everyone Achieves More.
    I can't help but think that's where the Women Presidents' Organization comes in handy too.  We serve as the SQUAD -- helping women business owners stay on top their A-Game and be the best business owners possible.

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