Monday, September 07, 2015

Is a RBF a Blessing or a Curse?

RBF (I'll let you find out what it stands for but let's just say it has to do with nonverbal cues, like facial expression, body language and tone), as a label, has become the latest Internet craze. A historical review of the term indicates it originated in 2009, but Google trends show Internet searches for the phrase took off in the spring of 2013. RBF has since become the subject of countless memes, often featuring celebrity examples. The hype reached new heights of controversy when it was written up in The New York Times on Aug. 1.

The question becomes:  As a business owner, is your RBF helping or hindering you?

Here's one woman's take:
At my [Rene Paulson] own company, I have worked hard to transform a negative into a positive, channeling my RBF to improve my leadership and strategic thinking skills while also building my tolerance to stress (all personality traits researchers at Caliper, a talent management company, have found endemic among high performing women).
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