Monday, January 12, 2015

Women Business Leaders Share Wisdom

Women business owners who are members of the Las Vegas chapter of Women Presidents’ Organization love to share the reasons why they are members of WPO (refer below).  But first, the President and Founder of WPO says:
“Just because you’re running a business that’s generating at least $1 million, you still need education,” said [Marsha] Firestone, who continues as president of the national group, which has 120 chapters on six continents. “There’s just as much need for business education in a business that has grown to a multimillion-dollar level as there is in a business that’s in the startup phase.”
The Chapter Chair for the Las Vegas chapter, Shelia McKay, says members meet for three hours once a month for 12 months and learn from one another’s experiences in a peer learning environment.
“Each meeting, we present an issue having to do with what’s going on in the member’s individual businesses,” she said. “The agenda for the year is decided by the members to meet their needs at the time and stay current.”
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