Monday, October 06, 2014

Article of Interest: Meet the New CEO of Life

Image source @STEMwomen
Imagine a life where every girl has an opportunity.  She speaks clearly and confidently.  She skillfully negotiates anything she wants.  She stands up to social pressures.  She builds a global network of mentors and sponsors.  Sounds like WPO members but in this case, meet the official Miss CEO, a website.

A little background:
In August 2014, Stanford professor of mathematics Maryam Mirzakhani became the first woman to win the Fields Medal, often described as the Nobel Prize of mathematics.

As the Stanford community celebrates Mirzakhani’s achievement, its members are also working to bring more young women into non-traditional fields like Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). In July and August this year, an organization called Miss CEO held a series of workshops sponsored by Stanford’s Department of Bioengineering, intended to equip young women with the skills necessary to thrive academically and professionally, particularly in STEM fields.
Now we get it.

Read the entire article:  Young women take the lead in STEM - The Clayman Institute for Gender Research

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