Monday, March 03, 2014

Article of Interest: Why The Oscars Logo Got a Makeover

What does the Oscars have to do with running a multi-million dollar business?  In this case, it's about the importance of a company logo.
While best (or perhaps only) known as the organization behind the annual awards show, the Academy is also a company that employs thousands of people who work in education, on film archiving, and--right now especially--on the soon-to-open, Renzo Piano-designed Academy Museum of Motion Pictures. Despite the year-round work, the Academy’s visual identity only spotlighted one thing: the Oscars.
Does your company's logo reflect everything you do?  If not, consider what the Academy did and get a makeover.

Read the entire article:  Why The Oscars Logo Got a Makeover
Photo courtesy:  Fast Company.  The Oscars logo is a registered trademark of the Academy.

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