Monday, February 24, 2014

Article of Interest: Seven Tips for Women Entrepreneurs

Whether you run a startup or a $300 million company, you can always use a refresh on how you are doing things.  The article below by Peri Pakroo offers tips for women entrepreneurs.  Here's a snippet of one:
4. If you need start-up or expansion financing, consider sources other than traditional banks. One of the concerns most commonly cited by women entrepreneurs is difficulty finding start-up financing. And it's little wonder: traditional banks typically don't lend money to new ventures that don't have a track record of success or creditworthiness. Instead of focusing on conventional big chain banks, start-ups should instead look for local community banks, credit unions, and other local financial institutions that have a vested interest in the health of the local economy. Often, their application processes and criteria are softer than the big banks.
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Monday, February 17, 2014

Article of Interest: What Is the Perfect Airport Lounge For Women Business Owners?

Chicago O'Hare Airport
As more women business owners travel internationally, especially in emerging countries such as Asia and South America — one report predicts that there is going to be a 400 percent increase in international business trips taken by women by 2030.  The question that begs to be asked:  What can airlines, airports and third-party lounge operators do to accommodate women's needs, and how are they addressing them?

Find out:  What Do Female Business Travelers Want Out of Airport Lounges

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Monday, February 10, 2014

News of Interest: Eclipse Awards

The Eclipse Awards, through the National Women Business Owners Corporation (NWBOC), honor women business owners and their companies for excellence in certification utilization, supplier diversity programs and outcomes, company management, leadership, innovation, and mentorship.  There are seven awards for women business owners, and four awards for corporate or government employees and their organizations.

Learn more about how to apply or nominate someone, the list of awards, criteria and other details, here.

Photo courtesy:  NWBOC

Monday, February 03, 2014

Article of Interest: The Best Path to Success Is Your Own

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Whether you are wondering what to do next with your career, are thinking of leaving Corporate America to start your own business or are currently running a multi-million dollar business, the article below will resonate with you.

Here's a clip from it:
Hence many are taking either route [established institution or entrepreneurial route], for different reasons — to follow their passion, to prove themselves, to serve others, to gain recognition. Not everyone is a conformist who joins a big firm. Not all Zuckerberg wannabes are following their bliss. It’s not the choice of workplace that matters most. It’s why we make it, and what we do with it.
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