Monday, January 27, 2014

Article of Interest: How to Get a Small Business Loan

For female entrepreneurs in the still male-dominated business world, getting a loan can be even more difficult.
A recent study by the California Reinvestment Coalition found that small business loans given to female-owned businesses in California have dropped 70 percent since 2007, and it's likely that other states have also seen a drop in small business lending to women. Even if a female business owner is financially secure, it's more than likely that she'll be turned away.
Read the entire article, which includes five tips for getting funding: How to Get a Small Business Loan:  Tips for Female Entrepreneurs

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Monday, January 20, 2014

Article of Interest: Breakout Year for Women Entrepreneurs (2014)

Below we feature an article that lists eleven reasons why 2014 will be the breakout year for women entrepreneurs - brought to you by Forbes contributor Geri Stengel, a serial entrepreneur and nonprofit board member.

Note:  The Women Presidents' Organization is mentioned and Dr. Marsha Firestone quoted in No. 7.  Excerpt follows:
Women Presidents’ Organization (WPO) provides peer advisory groups to support women entrepreneurs. Also known as “mastermind” and “CEO” roundtables, peer advisory groups bring the heads of companies together to problem-solve and brainstorm their day-to-day challenges and opportunities under the guidance of a trained facilitator. “Entrepreneurs learn best from one another rather than academic courses,” said Marsha Firestone, president and founder of WPO.
Read the entire article:  11 Reasons 2014 Will Be A Breakout Year For Women Entrepreneurs - Forbes

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Monday, January 13, 2014

Report of Interest: Advancing Women Business Owners

The National Women’s Business Council (NWBC) released its annual report focusing on economic issues of importance to women business owners.

Each year NWBC delivers its annual report along with policy recommendations to the President, Congress, and the Small Business Administration. This year’s annual report addresses four main areas to advance women entrepreneurs:
  1. Access to Capital
  2. Access to Markets
  3. Job Creation and Growth
  4. Data Collection
The National Women’s Business Council continues to be a leading voice in advancing the women's entrepreneurship agenda with a strong focus on providing key insights and solutions to increasing economic gains for women business owners.
Download the report.

Illustration courtesy:  NWBC

Monday, January 06, 2014

Article of Interest: Top 10 Small Business Trends for 2014

My esteemed colleagues, Steve King and Carolyn Ockels over at Small Business Labs, write their 7th annual Top 10 Small Business Trends list.  Note:  Steve and Carolyn are also partners of Emergent Research.  As you read through the list, consider how you will prepare your business to capitalize on these trends.

Here's a snippet of one of the key trends to watch in 2014:
2. The Small Business Digital Divide Widens: A growing body of research is showing a performance gap between small businesses that successfully use technology and those that don’t. This small business digital divide means small firms unable or unwilling to deploy and use technology – and especially cloud, analytics and mobile technologies – are increasingly disadvantaged relative to their more technically savvy competitors.  2014 will see this divide widen as tech savvy small businesses use their technology to cut costs, better connect to customers and gain market share.  
Read:  Top 10 Small Business Trends for 2014

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