Monday, July 29, 2013

Article of Interest: Tips For Newbie Importers

Got a product you want to import and are clueless as to how to transport it to your factory door?  Look no further.  Below is an article I authored for the Import and Export site.  It offers eight tips for newbie importers.

Read the entire article:  Eight Tips for New Importers

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Monday, July 22, 2013

Article of Interest: Mobile Commerce On the Rise

At the end of last year's holiday season, mobile commerce rose to 11 percent.  Considering it was just 3 percent as recently as late 2010, that's a fairly hefty jump.

Find out why mobile commerce is taking off and learn the numbers underpinning the explosive growth below.

Read the entire article:  CHART:  Mobile Commerce Continues Its Massive Rise

Do you have a mobile commerce strategy in place for your business?  Should you be creating one?

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Monday, July 15, 2013

Article of Interest: Global Trends for 2013

The business climate is changing and provided you stay in front of the curve holding a positive attitude, there is limitless opportunity.

In The Economist's new Global Trends Report for 2013, the authors highlight 10 trends that business leaders need to focus on today.

Here's a snippet of two:
Social everything:  New generations and their digital world stepping forward
Redefining value: The consumer is winning the fight to own the new consumer
Read the entire trend list:

Global Trends for 2013:  A Top Ten For Business Leaders

Photo courtesy:  Beck Gusler

Monday, July 08, 2013

Article of Interest: U.S. Shorts Small Businesses $3 Billion in Fed Contracts

Is the primary growth driver for your business federal contracts?  Then read on to prepare for what's ahead.
The Small Business Administration reported that just 22.25 percent of the estimated $400 billion spent by the federal government in 2012 was directed at small businesses across the country.
Read the entire article at Small Business Trends:

U.S. Shorts Small Businesses $3 Billion in Federal Contracts
by Joshua Sophy

Photo courtesy:  Joe Campbell

Monday, July 01, 2013

Slideshow of Interest: Change (Pivot) or Else!

Times change, markets change and technologies change and yet its people who must realize that their businesses must change too in order to stay relevant and thrive.

In the slideshow, "The Art of the Pivot," Linda Lacina for Entrepreneur magazine collects a range of companies, from online retailers to video-game manufacturers, who’ve made the difficult decisions to alter how they do business.
Go ahead, take a look, disrupt your thinking and transform your business!

Photo courtesy:  stiina