Monday, June 10, 2013

Blog Post of Interest: Mobile, Wearables and Facebook - Oh My!

Mary Meeker (as shown), partner at the venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers (KPCB), presents the latest version of her influential report at the All Things D conference in California.

One major takeaway from her research:
Mobile Is Moving Fast

There are about 2.4 billion Internet users worldwide, a gain of 8 percent from 2012, driven largely by emerging markets like Iran and Indonesia. And there are 1.5 billion mobile subscribers worldwide, compared with 1.1 billion a year earlier. That’s roughly 30 percent growth. In addition, mobile makes up 15 percent of Internet traffic over all.
Go here to read the entire blog post.

Look for the full 100-slide report embedded at the end of the blog post.

Photo courtesy:  KPCB - Mary Meeker

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