Monday, December 20, 2010

Article of Interest: Qualities That Distinguish Women Leaders

Running a multimillion dollar business is no walk in the park.  To do a good job, it requires certain personality qualities as a leader to get things done.

From Finding 2:
This combination of traits enables the women in our study to express a unique approach toward dealing with disappointment, rejection or situations that don't work out their way. Dr. Greenberg explains, "They will feel the sting of being set back. They may even dwell on it, and tend to be a little self-critical. But then they will muster their assertiveness, shake off any negative feelings, learn what they need to carry on and a voice in the back of their heads will say, 'I'll show you.'"
Here's a look at specific qualities that distinguish women leaders.  It starts with these fabulous four:

1.  Persuasive
2.  Learn from adversity
3.  Inclusive
4.  Take risks

See if you have what it takes to succeed at becoming a standout leader.

The Qualities That Distinguish Women Leaders

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