Monday, September 13, 2010

Article of Interest: Are You a TED Talk Person?

Do you have brilliant ideas (e.g., you are considered one of the best minds in business), know how to present well and like to share? Then you're poised to become a TED talk person.

Becoming a TED talk person can boost your business and brand's awareness on a grander scale than ever imagined. Plus, you'll be in good company with the likes of Richard Branson, Malcolm Gladwell, Julia Sweeney, Isabel Allende and Chris Anderson (owner of TED) -- to name just a few of the elite business people who have given TED talks.

We're talking radical openness here that the world can tap into. Are you ready? Then read all about the global education brand of the 21st century and see if you have what it takes to participate:

How TED Connects the Idea-Hungry Elite (Fast Company)

Sample TED talk: Sheena Iyengar on the art of choosing.

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