Monday, July 19, 2010

Article of Interest: What To Do When Your Company Makes a Mistake

What do you do when you or someone in your company makes a mistake -- whether it be in producing a product, launching an advertising campaign or making an inappropriate off the cuff statement on a national television network?

If you follow the path of Apple's iPhone's debacle, the first thing you do is admit you made a mistake and then claim that you are not perfect.
"We're not perfect," admitted Steve Jobs, the boss of Apple, at a press conference today at which he discussed the firm's new smartphone, the iPhone 4. To people who have long ascribed almost God-like powers to Mr Jobs, that may come as a shock. But the ham-fisted way in which Apple has handled a fuss over connectivity issues with its new device has shown that even one of the world's most admired companies can get things wrong every now and again.
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According to WSJ's blog Digits, here are five things Apple (or any business that finds itself in a similar situation) should do regarding its flawed iPhone 4:
  1. Apologize
  2. Put Steve Jobs (President/CEO) front and center
  3. Explain what went wrong
  4. Offer a real fix to consumers now
  5. Explain whether the phone will be changed later
What approach do you implement to recover from business missteps every now and then? We welcome hearing from you.

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