Saturday, June 27, 2009

Article of Interest: 9 Tips to Help You Sleep Through the Night During Tough Times

I recently interviewed 20 presidents of small businesses to find out what allows them to sleep through the night. The following are some tips that they shared:

1. Put in a good day’s work. Get to work early and stay an extra hour or two at the end of a normal day if needed.

2. Connect with upbeat, enthusiastic, high-energy people who share similar business concerns and who offer up a whole host of action-oriented solutions to extraordinary day-to-day problems.

3. Communicate with employees as often as possible to convey the steps being taken to keep the company strong.

4. Obsess over listening to customers, employees, vendors, colleagues, and friends and take action on what is said.

5. Emphasize a back-to-basics approach on everything, from how to buy office products to choosing cleaning services (do-it-yourself mentality) to who gets wooed over lunch or dinner for new business initiatives.

Read more of the other tips here at OPEN Forum by American Express OPEN.

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