Saturday, April 04, 2009

Blog Post of Interest: How To Adapt To Our New Economy

Change doesn't mean an about face for no good reason or doing more of the same: calling on more clients, joining more social networking platforms or working longer hours. That won't help.

Conditions have changed dramatically so that means you have to adapt and adapt fast and furiously.

How do you decide what to do or say in a constantly changing business terrain? According to Peter Bregman at, you must first ask yourself three questions:
  1. What's the situation? The outcome you want to achieve? The risks? The time pressures? The needs?

  2. Who else is involved? What are their strengths? Weaknesses? Values? Vulnerabilities? Needs?

  3. How can I help? What are your strengths? Weaknesses? Values? Vulnerabilities?
Now you are ready to decide what you will do or say.
Choose the response that leverages your strengths, meets people where they are, and is appropriate to the situation you're in.
Read the entire blog entry here.

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