Saturday, December 06, 2008

Event Update: 1st WPO Chicago Town Resource Meeting

With the generous assistance of WPO Chicago member Mary Bahr, we hosted our first ever WPO Chicago Town Resource Meeting December 2nd from 2:00-4:00 p.m. at the offices of MAB Advertising.

We invited more than 50 Supplier Diversity Professionals from government/corporations and WPO Chicago members spanning across all three chapters. The program was a HUGE success -- to the point that we have agreed to host one every year from hereon in.

The purpose of our meeting:

To meet and explore ways in which to do business together.


1. Warm Welcomes and Introductions.

a. Each WPO Chicago member gives a one-minute elevator pitch on their business and emphasizes what sets it apart from others.

b. Each Supplier Diversity Professional (SDP) gives a 3-5 minute overview of their role within organization.

2. Q&A (with two specific questions addressed first).

a. How can WPO Chicago members take advantage of diversity programs in corporate/governmental sectors?

b. What is the best way (is there a secret or tip) to "break in" to an organization through diversity/compliance programs?

c. Q&A (general).

3. Networking (exchange of business cards/brochures).

Here's what a WPO Chicago member said about our meeting:
It was a great meeting and I also felt that the women that represented CDW, RR Donnelley, Chicago Park District and the University of Chicago, to name just a few, provided very honest answers and comments regarding their diversity programs and how to "get in" to these organizations.

They provided insight as to how the purchasing departments are structured and what their processes are. They also took the time to network with us and take our information.

I personally feel that when I contact these women for an appointment (if I do it the proper way) they will take the time to meet with me.

It was also great to meet women from the other WPO chapters in Chicago and hear about their businesses.
Mission accomplished!

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