Monday, March 24, 2008

Article of Interest: Flowers, via Social Work

This is a wonderfully inspiring entrepreneurial story by Jim McCann, founder of, as told to Patricia R. Olsen, at The New York Times (3/16/08). There are many important lessons in it for all of us who run a business. Why just look at how observant (sensitive) Jim was when he remembered this about his grandmother:
MY father was a painting contractor who ran the business out of my grandmother’s house. His father died when Dad was 19, and my grandmother had to continue the business. For a long time she made believe that my father was running it, but we all knew it was she, in the background.
So many twists and turns his career took but as he says in the end:
If you look at highly successful people, they make the same number of mistakes as others, but they recover quickly. They don’t sit around moaning about what they’ve done wrong.
Now isn't that the truth? Read the entire article here.

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