Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Blog Post of Interest: Analysis of a Superbowl Ad Rating Experiment Using Twitter

There has been a tremendous amount of chatter about social media and social networking over the past couple of months. Both mediums bring content and information sharing from a passive to an active experience for everyone from a President (like you) to an individual who makes coffee at your local Starbucks. Think Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Twitter and Kaneva.

At any given moment, someone you know is someone you really don't know in the social Internet world (for example, they may be an Avatar on Second Life under a name you don't recognize). We are empowered by the way in which information can be and is being disseminated to one another anywhere at anytime and at a lightening speed.

So what's this have to do with an analysis of a Superbowl ad rating experiment using Twitter? Everything. After you read this fascinating post from Forrester Research, you might think twice about ignoring the social Internet revolution that's taking place as I write this. The Forrester post begins like this:
Josh Bernoff and I conducted an interesting experiment. I (Jeremiah) encouraged the twitter community (social media, marketing, advertising mavens) to join in on providing real-time ratings about ads during the superbowl.
The experiment was a huge success. They had over 2000 responses from over 70 people over a 4 hour period.

They then shift over to what's going on with Super Tuesday (2/5/08) and report this:
Coincidently, today is Super Tuesday where many Americans will be voting, and I see that Google and Twitter are working together to create a map mashup (read what a mashup is here) to show real-time voices of which user is voting for who.

Expect this trend of real-time rating through social media to continue,
and by this time next year, I hope to work with a sophisticated group who can take our little experiment to the next level.
We encourage you to use these platforms as a way to grow your business, build meaningful user-generated content, interaction and long-lasting value for your clients, vendors, constituents, partners, visitors and shareholders. And if you are already, please let us know what you are doing and how you are doing it. We'd welcome a chance to share your success stories with the world.

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