Friday, June 29, 2007

News of Interest: Intuit Future of Small Business Report

Tomorrow's successful small business owners will be far more reliant on technology than their current counterparts. They'll be more connected in a mobile world, market to customers in ways only imagined today and blur the lines between the virtual and physical worlds as the hype surrounding today's technology becomes tomorrow's reality.

That's the vision of small business in the year 2017 as described in the second installment of the groundbreaking Intuit Future of Small Business Report™, a unique three-part study that looks ahead 10 years and examines the prospects, influences and profiles of small business.

The latest installment, sponsored by Intuit Inc. and authored by the Institute for the Future, (very fascinating I might add) was just released. It focuses on how technology will propel and transform the small business sector. The first installment, released in January, explored the changing face of entrepreneurship, the rise of personal businesses and the emergence of entrepreneurship education. The third installment, to be released later this year, will examine how small businesses will affect society and the economy through 2017.

Read more here and download the incredible study here.

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