Sunday, March 13, 2005

Article of Interest: Whatever the business, hard work is a keystone

In The Christian Science Monitor

Sometimes, when Ada Torrado unlocks the door of the bakery that bears her name -- Ada's Creations -- she thinks about how far she has come since leaving the Dominican Republic and immigrating to Providence, R.I., with three small children. Ms. Torrado is among a growing number of female immigrants starting businesses in the US and just take a look at what they are focusing on:

• Koreans often open dry-cleaning establishments, green grocers, or nail salons.
• Chinese women might open a restaurant or a gift shop.
• Some Latinas operate beauty shops or run child-care and elder-care centers.

In 2000, 8 percent of employed immigrant women were business owners, compared with 6 percent of employed native-born women, according to a report from the Immigration Policy Center in Washington. The largest group -- 41 percent -- comes from Latin America and the Caribbean. Thirty percent come from Asia and the Pacific Islands.

To read the entire article, visit: Her American Dream ... "Comes True"

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