Monday, June 17, 2013

Article of Interest: Customer Service Lessons From a Tokyo Taxi Company

How do you deliver consistent extraordinary customer service?  Use standout Tokyo-based taxi company Nihon Kotsu as an example.  They are on a mission to show that Japan's taxis are the best in the world.  What are you best at?

The devil is in the details.  Why just look:
During a mid-morning session with 40 drivers, he tells a story about a driver whose sloppy appearance and lackadaisical service led to the man’s demotion on the spot. On a whiteboard Kawanabe (President) writes the kanji character for hokori, or pride. “I want you all to promise me that you’ll take pride in this job,” he says. “If you do, customers will want to ride with you and you will perform better. And you will be happier.” Nihon Kotsu assigns two drivers to a car, typically a boxy Toyota Crown or Nissan Cedric sedan because those are the carmakers’ taxicab models.
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Bottom line:  Better service can boost a business' bottom line.

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