Monday, April 23, 2012

Book of Interest: Media: From Chaos to Clarity

Full disclosure first, I have not read "Media:  From Chaos to Clarity" by Judy Ungar Franks so what you are about to read is not a review.

What triggered me to post about her book is a fascinating article I caught in the recent edition (April 19) of the Chicago Reader: "What traditional media can learn from Betty White, Old Spice, and Joan of Arc." 

I was intrigued to say the least by Franks's comments to Michael Miner's (author of the article) questions.  For example, "We need a few simple tools and one big picture," she writes.  And goes on further to say, "We need a great story to tell (across multiple channels), we need an engaged consumer and we need an open media architecture that enables consumers to accelerate content across media channels and social networks."

Sounds like something all business owners should address in order to get and keep digital customers. 

Read the entire article here.  Check out her book where she makes sense of a messy media world here.

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