Sunday, January 11, 2009

Blog Post of Interest: Online Marketing 2009 Predictions

What should we be learning in 2009 to drive results for our businesses? Yes, tightening our belts during tough times is common sense but where do you cut and where do you spend when so many aspects to running a lean business need attention?

Over the course of WPO Chicago chapter sessions, a consensus was reached by members that it is never a good idea to cut sales and marketing (but maybe think about combining them) and considering the importance of online marketing (we like to refer to what's ahead as Web 3.0), you need to learn everything there is to know about it -- now.

Tip: Business blogging has NOT arrived yet so you still have a chance to get in front of this tremendous growth opportunity for your business.

Read more about what's in store for business blogging, SEO, social media advertising and more here.

And if you doubt our marketing claim above, read "How Marketing Drives Top-Line Growth in a Recession."

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