Monday, November 26, 2007

Article of Interest: Do You Need To Redesign Your Organization for 2008?

Why is this different from the other articles you have read on organizational design?

First, it is clearly focused on communicating a process for creating any new or different organization. The emphasis is on how you get there, not what it looks like when the process is done.

Second, this process is flexible and can be used in large or small organizations.

Third, the authors (Diane Beakey, Phd, Kathleen Wells Webster, MBA and Jackie Rubin, PhD) have integrated the thinking of both those who emphasize process improvement (working from the bottom up) and those who operate from a more strategic perspective (working from the top down).

Start at the beginning. Take the "Pop Quiz" and find out if you need to redesign your organization.

Hint: Focus on "excellence."

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