Monday, November 27, 2006

Survey of Interest: Small Biz Spirits High

Entrepreneurs are increasingly exuberant about the U.S. economy, according to a monthly survey released this morning from credit card outfit Discover, a unit of Morgan Stanley.

According to the survey, called the Discover Small Business Watch, owners' confidence in the economy rose for the fourth straight month (see results below). Because small businesses represent such a large chunk of the economy, their owners' sentiments can signal good or bad things to come.

To take entrepreneurs' collective pulse, Discover -- with the help of Rasmussen Reports -- polled 1,000 randomly selected small businesses, each with no more than five employees. The result is a confidence index, calculated by assigning weights to the answers to the following six consistent questions. In November, the index jumped ten points, to 130.

1. Are economic conditions for your business better or worse?

2. Have you had temporary cash flow problems in the last 90 days?

3. Next few months, will you be hiring more, laying off or no change?

4. How would you rate the economy these days?

5. Generally, are economic conditions getting better or worse?

6. Over the next six months, will your company increase or decrease spending on business development activities?

Find out whether you are keeping the holiday biz blahs at bay here.

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