Thursday, July 06, 2006

Article(s) of Interest: Is It Time To Sell Your Business?

When launching companies, entrepreneurs tend to peer out into the future and set out general plans on how and when to sell their company. It's not a decision any entrepreneur takes lightly. At the same time, selling your company at the right price and for the right reasons can mean you've truly succeeded in your business.

Here's when I think about selling. When:

1. I launch a new business -- I begin with the end (exit strategy) in mind.
2. I get tired of the same old, same old (which everyone experiences from time to time but not all the time).
3. I or someone else dear to my heart gets sick.
4. Someone makes me an offer I cannot refuse.
5. The going gets tough -- selling is an easy ticket out.
6. It just feels right.

What about you? When does it hit you that you might want to sell your business?

Find out more here with this wonderful collection of articles and tools that focus on strategies and tasks involved in preparing for and finalizing your company's sale.

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