Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Story of Interest: Bliss in Bag

Her husband had left her. Taking off on his motorcycle -- the one that reminded her of their discovering Bob Dylan together -- he took up with a folk singer with long red hair.

Forty years later, Ray still visibly recoils from the memories. It’s hard to say what makes that time so especially raw, whether it’s the heartbreak of his leaving or the facts of what he left behind: She was pregnant.

She had no one to lean on: Her parents had died, and she had grown up an only child in a California home where, she says, “we were really, really poor.” Her father was an opera singer turned B-movie actor. After he got a job with the Census Bureau, the family moved to the Washington area. Ray graduated from the University of Maryland but couldn’t find a well-paying job. It was a time of “stone fear,” she recalls. “That’s when I knew I was in trouble having an English degree.”

But she could work. And work more. And work harder. So she did.

“I had to make it,” she says. Read Tony Ray's story here.

And the question you may ask, "Is she is WPO member?" Not yet. But she could become one real soon.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Commentary of interest to those who attended the WPO Chicago conference

Many of you probably missed this because we were well on our way to enjoying the Chicago conference but here's an interesting commentary by our keynote speaker Gary Hamel that was published by the WSJ on April 26, 2006. Click on "Google's novel management system."

Monday, May 22, 2006

News: Babson Women's Business Blog Just Went Live!

The Babson Women’s Business Blog is dedicated to a cause about which they are very passionate: the advancement of women and business. Their new blog just went live.

Catch it here.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

News: Women Build Million-Dollar Firms

Women are demonstrating their strength, business savvy and financial sophistication by building substantial and growing businesses that generate one million dollars or more (think WPO members) in annual revenues.

Women-owned businesses that generate a million dollars or more in revenue distinguish themselves through their use of multiple funding sources, sophisticated financial management practices, and utilization of technology.

Read about the study here: Women Demonstrate They Have What It Takes to Build Million Dollar Firms

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Survey: Oppenheimer Funds

Women Business Owners Are More Willing to Take Financial Risk at The Workplace Than at Home

We are proud to have Oppenheimer Funds as a corporate sponsor to the Women Presidents' Organization. Some interesting survey highlights:

• Women entrepreneurs are in control of business and household finances
• Women business owners are key decision- makers at home and the office.
• More than half of women business owners responded that they are responsible for saving or investing for retirement in their household, developing and maintaining the household budget and paying the bills.
• Nearly forty-percent are solely responsible for buying and selling stocks, bonds and mutual funds for their households.
• Forty-five percent are the primary investment decision-makers in their businesses.

Read more about Oppenheimer's survey results here.

Monday, May 01, 2006

News: Chicago Conference a Huge Success!

Let's celebrate!

Here's what people are saying:

"The Chicago conference was the best one I have ever attended. The warmest of the hospitality, the beauty of the city, and the content of the conference made for such a memorable event." ~ WPO Canadian member

"What an awesome conference! Congratulations to all involved. Each year the bar of excellence keeps getting raised." ~ WPO facilitator

"I just want you to know that all of my members had a wonderful time and each one said the value was there and that they would be back. You and your chapter members did a remarkable job. You should certainly be celebrating the success of the conference! Thank you." ~ WPO facilitator

"I have been to many conferences in my lifetime, but this was the "Best of the Best" and fabulous. The energy, knowledge and collaboration from everyone was terrific. Thanks so much letting me be a part of it!" ~ WPO member

"The conference was great fun and a unique experience." ~ WPO member

"Thank you for all your amazing work to produce such a wonderful convention. The programs, the fellowship, the activities and meals were all terrific." ~ WPO member

"How happy and proud you must be. What a success! I heard nothing but positive things about the conference from all the attendees. The attention to detail was evident in every aspect of the event. Thanks so much for putting your heart and soul into the conference." ~ WPO member