Tuesday, November 09, 2004

For WPO Members Only: "Growth Connection" series by Dr. Jana Matthews

The Women Presidents’ Organization launched "The Growth Connection," a new series of programs for members created by author and entrepreneurial expert, Dr. Jana Matthews. Every month, Jana explores a topic of vital importance to women entrepreneurs through a combination of articles, web-based discussions, and teleconferences. Participation in "The Growth Connection" series is open to all members of the Women Presidents’ Organization.
Two not-for-profit national foundations concerned with entrepreneurship education teamed up to make this innovative series possible. The Annenberg Foundation (www.whannenberg.org) is sponsoring the program. The Edward Lowe Foundation, (www.lowe.org ), in conjunction with Dr. Matthews, provides development and administrative resources. After the initial "Growth Connection" series is completed, material will be made more widely available in a Web-based format for the benefit of other entrepreneurs.
Throughout 2004 and 2005, participants in "The Growth Connection" will be exposed to new ideas and new ways of leading and managing growth. In addition to expert guidance, members share their own experiences and discuss challenges and opportunities that they and their companies face as CEOs. The topics addressed each month in "The Growth Connection" were selected by the members of the Women Presidents’ Organization and include essential entrepreneurial areas as leadership, financing, people, and strategic planning.

The computer technology used for this series is provided by a Chicago suburban WPO member's business: Catwalk Conference.

To learn more about this dynamic series, visit:
"The Growth Connection."

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